BP Life Coaching Services, LLC, is a Professional Coaching and Management Consultancy Specializing in Deep-Dive Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEl) Transformational Training with an emphasis on Professional and Organizational Development Training.

The business also provides customized health coaching services to individuals and in collaboration with healthcare businesses. The Deep-Dive DEl training provided results in participants exhibiting and reporting heightened mindfulness, improved insight, enhanced interactions with persons of different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, and clearer, more objective decision-making.

team Services

Professional and Management Consultant Services

Interactive Training via Zoom or In-Person format.

Deep Dive DEl Training

Customized services based on results of a strategic needs assessment and client-centered Goals.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one and Team Coaching

Health Coaching

Individual and group sessions. Helping you build a life you love that matches your core values.


Are you a business owner? The size of your business or company is important, but is the quality of your leadership and team or teams. The strength of the group dynamics among people who work together or whose work impacts the quality or quantity of work of others is crucial to the strength, growth and scalability of a company. It is also pertinent to the company's bottom line in terms of profit margin. We offer proven resources and results- based strategies that maximize return on investment through effective team building and leadership development.

The Birkman Method is used as a foundation to establish a solid base of communication between leaders and team members. Signature coaching is designed based on the needs of your organization and the outcomes desired. Innovative, creative solution tools that empower you and your team to recognize and shift out of non-productive, stress-creating patterns. Training that is unique, interactive, and includes components that are self- paced and effective in facilitating lasting and meaningful self- development.

Learn more about how we can help build your leadership and support teams benefit from heightened awareness, positive and clear thinking. and a new expanded outlook that aligns with your organizations core values and strategic objectives.

Birkman and Training