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Life is constantly changing and somehow we have to find our even median. BP Life Coaching was the balance that I needed. Ms. Palmer was there anytime (within reasonable hours) that I needed her.

I would and have recommended this company.

Good G

Everyone needs a Health Coach, and there's no greater coach than BP. Life can only get better when you talk with BP!

Destiny B.

Clear explanation of each topic, always ready to attend to challenge from customer, she's passionate about delivering services.

Abayomi A.

How amazing this lady is. Caring, empathetic, always a loving demeanor. She made so many things make sense and I will forever be a grateful client.

Joyce F.

Barbara is perceptive and patient. She demonstrated care and concern which made me feel supported and comfortable. I appreciate that.

Tanisha B.

Great experience overall. I was referred by a friend, and wasn’t sure what to expect.

Jolene C.