No Burnout

BP Life Coaching Services, LLC, is a woman- owned minority business enterprise specializing in providing services to help healthcare professionals, and people in general, prevent and reverse burnout!

This is especially true for occupational therapy practitioners and students. BP Life Coaching Services, LLC also offers strategic college and career planning resources to support advisors and counselors who serve high school and college students pursuing careers in healthcare and other industries known to have high attrition rates or prevalence of burnout.

BP Life Coaching Services, LLC, has a mission to help healthcare, other professionals, and service and supply industries in general, say "NO!" to burnout and recognize when they may be experiencing burnout and teaches them practical techniques, they can use to regain focus and energy almost immediately, recharge in the long term, and take control of their lives and careers while learning to identify and reduce stressors.

BP Life Coaching Services, LLC uses proven research, evidence-based resources, and results- based strategies. Clients use easy-to-apply brave thinking tools that empower them to recognize and shift out of stress-creating patterns. Training that is unique, interactive, and includes components that are self-paced and effective in facilitating ongoing and meaningful self- development.

Burnout is a huge problem in occupational therapy (OT) and other healthcare professions. It is also a growing phenomenon throughout the service and supply industries. Often people start out loving what they do and soon dread. Mondays because of the structure of their work.

BP Life Coaching Services equips clients to have a deeper understanding and engagement with others and improved results in all areas of life, starting with work relationships. The reality is that when there are improvements in one area of life or an organization, this improvement can positively impact and spark improvements in other areas.

Learn more about how our services can help you, your organization or your team benefit from heightened awareness, positively clear and calm thinking, and a new expanded outlook.

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Stress and Burnout

There is a direct connection between perceived stressors, perceived intensity, how long contributing conditions persist without a reduction, and the development of burnout.

To the degree that a person is able to generate or experience positive change in one or more of these variables, the person is able to reduce and even reverse signs and symptoms of burnout.

It is possible to master stress and stop burnout. There are practical tools and resources that empower us to identify and apply proven strategies that work.

The bottom line is this: people who care for others, including OT practitioners and other healthcare providers, must learn how to proactively apply incorporate proven health and wellness practices to obtain, regain, and maintain personal quality of life.