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At Conferences

This can be a great opportunity to share your expertise, network with peers, and expand your professional reach. When preparing for a conference presentation, it's important to do your research and understand your audience, their interests, and what they hope to gain from your talk.

You should also aim to create engaging and informative content that will keep your audience interested and provide value to them.

Use this as an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and build relationships with other professionals in vour field.

At Lunch and Learns

It can be a fantastic way to share knowledge and engage with colleagues in a more informal setting. Lunch and learns typically take place during lunch breaks, allowing for a relaxed and interactive atmosphere. When preparing for a lunch and learn presentation, consider choosing a topic that is relevant and interesting to the audience, and one that can be easily understood in a shorter timeframe.

Remember that lunch and learns are also a great opportunity for networking and building relationships within your organization. Take the time to connect with your audience and be open to their feedback and ideas.

By speaking at lunch and learns, you can contribute to your colleagues' professional development and foster a collaborative and knowledge- sharing culture within your workplace.