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Burnout is a huge problem in occupational therapy (OT) and other healthcare professions. Often people start out loving what they do and soon dread Mondays because of the structure of their work.

Stress and Burnout 

There is a direct connection between perceived stressors, perceived intensity, how long contributing conditions persist without a reduction, and the development of burnout. 


To the degree that a person is able to generate or experience positive change in one or more of these variables, the person is able to reduce and even reverse signs and symptoms of burnout.

It is possible to master stress and stop burnout. There are practical tools and resources that empower us to identify and apply proven strategies that work.

The bottom line is this: people who care for others, including OT practitioners and other healthcare providers, must learn how to proactively 

apply incorporate proven health and wellness practices to obtain, regain, and maintain personal quality of life. 

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